LEGO Harry Potter Collection for Nintendo Switch
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LEGO Harry Potter Collection for Nintendo Switch

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About this item Two top-selling videogames remastered in One package! Spell Pack DLC included on disc featuring 5 spells-cantis, densaugeo, ducklifors, melofors and tentaclifors Take an interactive journey through a myriad of iconic locations from the beloved films with signature LEGO humor and charm

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108.07 د.إ

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  1. Ananth Nandagopal

    I was kind of skeptical when buying this from some reviews I’ve read, but regardless this game is fantastic, although you wont be getting the features you get from newer lego games like actual melee combat with npcs or something it is overall a pretty chill and relaxing game it is absolutely fantastic for the price and you would definitely enjoy it!

    Ananth Nandagopal

  2. Josh sanz


    Josh sanz

  3. ron garnes

    Purchased this for my daughter and she really enjoys the game. Item works as it was made to.

    ron garnes

  4. Aline Oliveira Santos de Castro


    Aline Oliveira Santos de Castro

  5. caroline

    Purchased as gift for our Grandson. He loved it.


  6. mrod

    I’m not a big Lego fan but until Hogwarts Legacy comes out for the Nintendo switch I have to make fur with these which are surprisingly cool. Just like all games, starts off eat and then you really get into it. Pretty cool game.


  7. Alvin L.

    Wanted to say that the delivery fromThis shop is super fast. My daughter was very happy . Product came well packed. Oh did I say there shipped super fast. 🙂

    Alvin L.

  8. Amazon カスタマー


    Amazon カスタマー

  9. Emily

    Oh wow. This game is lots of fun. I had to get on here and write a review quick. I have always loved Harry potter and the music so when I realized there was a game after I bought the switch I wanted to order it. I was worried at first it might be too young or too cheesy but im a full grown adult and in having a lot of fun with it so there you go. Lol. If you like puzzles you’ll like this. You get to walk around Hogwarts and it plays the music the entire time. I am loving it! You can take the classes and so far I’m on year one. All the years are on 1 disc / chip. When you start the game it gives you the option of 1-4 years or to play the 5-7.If you’re skeptical I would just buy it! Can’t beat the price. If you like Harry potter you won’t be disappointed!!! Keep in mind there is laughter in the game and reactions but no voices. I don’t mind it because I love the music in the background.Update on review! I finally am finishing the last year and it is really fun. I’ve noticed some of the reviews talk about glitches. I can see maybe where when you use the Wingardium Leviosa spell, sometimes the items can be difficult to place where they need to go, but I didn’t notice any glitches in mine other than one time the item got stuck so I just reset that level. I’m not sure why others had lots of glitches because I didn’t see a huge issue with that. The game I got loads quickly and is very fun. I love how you can run around and collect all of the coins and the scenes are so cute and exactly like the movies. My boyfriends daughter is 7 and she has come over to play and got frustrated because for younger kids it might be hard to know what to do next at times. It’s a good game to play with younger kids but im not sure I would recommend it for young kids alone, maybe just depends on the kid and age. I love this game and highly recommend.


  10. Korynne Michele

    I never thought I’d play a Lego game as I don’t like a blocky look to my video games, but I was struggling to find a good 2-player game for my husband and I to play together when my coworker told me about Lego Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, and the game was inexpensive, so I thought why not? I’ll give it a try.That was the best decision.We have so much fun with this game. It goes through the storyline of all 7 books, and you play 6 levels in each year (but it is set up like the movies, with book 7 having two parts). There are over 200 characters to choose from to play, some having special abilities like in the books. What I especially enjoyed was that it’s impossible for you to complete each level the first time through so you have to go back with different characters, and the experience is different depending on who you choose to play.The absolute best parts of the game are the cutscenes. There are no spoken words in this game, so all the cutscenes are done with the characters gesturing and showing pictures to communicate things, and sometimes it’s so hilariously inaccurate while also still telling the same story that we just end up laughing for minutes on end. Truly a good time.This game is fun for us adults as we try to find every gold brick and every character token (we’re completionists), but it would also be good for kids to play too as the controls are not too difficult to grasp. And I will also add that the dark bits of the storyline have been altered slightly to be kid-friendly. An example of this is *BOOK 4 SPOILER* when Cedric dies in the maze, his body is disassembled into Lego bits: legs, torso, arms, hands, head, etc. But then Dumbledore pulls out a Lego sheet that shows how to reassemble him, giving the impression that he will be okay. Even though we know better, it makes the story less upsetting for kids who would be sensitive to those kinds of scenes. But the alterations are also hilarious.Overall, this is a really fun game that’s an excellent option for two-player couch co-op. As someone who doesn’t really care for the Lego look, I didn’t mind it at all once I got into the game, and it was actually nice to play something outside my norm for a change. Give this game a try if you love Harry Potter; you won’t be disappointed.

    Korynne Michele


LEGO Harry Potter Collection for Nintendo Switch
108.07 د.إ
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