Casio Fx-991Ex Engineering/Scientific Calculator - Black

Casio Fx-991Ex Engineering/Scientific Calculator – Black

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About this item A New High-Performance Scientific With High Resolution Display Increasing The Amount Of Information Displayed And Super-Fast Calculation Speed For Performing The Most Advanced Mathematics It’S New High Resolution Lcd Screen Allows More Information For Applications Like Spreadsheets And 4X4 Matrix Calculations. Need Graphical Representation For Data Generated By The Fx-991Ex – No Problem! Generate A Qr Code For Your Problem, Scan The Code And Immediately See A Graphical Representation Of Your Data. This calculator has a comprehensive set of advanced calculations for integration and differential calculus, along with vector and inequality calculations. For the middle and high school grades, we’ve incorporated basic spreadsheet functionality, ratio and statistical functionality, down to ratio calculation and prime factorization.

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Casio FX-991EXCasio FX-991EX

Casio FX-991EXCasio FX-991EX

Casio FX-991EXCasio FX-991EX

Casio FX-991EXCasio FX-991EX

Intuitive, easy-to-learn icon display

The use of icons on the menu screen improves viewability. Selection of the desired function is quick and easy.

Natural Textbook Display

Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbols just as they appear in textbooks.

List display function for thorough, speedy learning

Variables and statistical calculation results stored in memory can be displayed in lists. There’s no need to recall and confirm individual values as with previous models.

Easy-to-understand English messages and interactive format

Nearly all English words are displayed on the screen in unabbreviated form. Interactive menu display realizes more intuitive operation.

Casio FX-991EXCasio FX-991EX

Casio FX-991EXCasio FX-991EX

High computational competence for performing even advanced mathematics

Online Visualization Service Using QR Code

Casio FX-991EXCasio FX-991EX

A comprehensive set of advanced functions unique to CASIO scientific calculators

Spreadsheet calculations

Matrix calculations

Vector calculations

Multiline display

Integration calculations

Differential calculations

Equation calculations

Inequality calculations

Advanced statistical distribution calculations

Ratio calculations

Metric conversions

Scientific constants

Variables list

Statistics list

Digit separator

Engineering symbols

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  1. RH

    Do its job. Perfect for the school or university


  2. ibr1024

    this version is more advanced and can solve equations to 4th level, statistics, vectors, matrix’s and others





  4. Adham

    امازون موثوقة حقيقة، الصورة و البضاعة المستلمة جيدة جدا.للاسف باقي العارضين يقومون بخداع العملاء بصور غير البضاعة الموجودة.


  5. zelalem a.

    I like the display size to handle the job

    zelalem a.

  6. Abdelaziz Abdelraziq

    منتج أصلي وعملي وممتاز

    Abdelaziz Abdelraziq

  7. Zidane

    this product came very fast. and it came in perfect condition. the packaging was nice and had bubble wrap. good job


  8. Sukaina

    This is like the best calculator ever for the price! It was delivered very fast and is comes with prepared battery! It is so easy to use and comes with a case. It is very small and compact as well. This calculator is amazing till the end of GCSE school year.


  9. Amazon Customer

    After being ripped off by Banggood, which sent me a fake first edition of this calculator, I purchased this one from Amazon / Casio. When you have the real thing vs the fake one you see the difference.1-functionality seems to be the same with fake and real one,2-Huge difference in clarity of the LCD. The fake one is hopelessly dim/lacking contrast,3-There is no battery in the battery compartment of the fake one, neither any wire connections/holder contact etc. Just a gaping hole. Obviously with the real one you get the battery sitting there nicely4-The general built quality of the real one is noticeably much better than the fake one.5- Last but not least, the price for such a fine machine is unbelievably attractive. Bravo Casio 🙂 Recommend it to everybody wholeheartedly .

    Amazon Customer

  10. Manu

    Good bill quality and easy to useIt has solar charging too



Casio Fx-991Ex Engineering/Scientific Calculator - Black
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